NOTE (10-21-04): Due to a one-year change in focus, we are sorry to say that we will be providing tours generally by appointment only during the 2004-2005 academic year. In order to complete a number of facility safety and other organizational projects efficiently and without risk to visitors, our Saturday volunteer activities will focus strictly on that type of work. Feel free to call 530-754-9888 and 530-848-6446 for availability in advance of a desired visiting time. Thanks for your understanding.

-Victor Duraj
Volunteer Collection Manager

The Shop and Boneyard

The shop and boneyard (the whole facility actually) is located in

four old airplane hangars and a fenced yard out at the UC Airport.

Take Hutchison over 113 about 1.5 miles. Turn left on Hopkins

Road and then turn left into the UC Airport. We’re quite visible

from within the Airport’s parking lot. The shop’s phone number

is 752-6177. Feel free to call on a Saturday <afternoon and come

out to take a look. It’s open to everyone and there’s no obligation

if you come out. Come check out this campus secret. See the

Equipment Office, Jimi’s Chicken Shack, the future Schoolhouse,

JB’s Repairs, and Ted’s Snack Shack and Club Area all encircling

the “Square”. Outside check out Roscoe’s Lube and Repair and

Ollie’s Blacksmith Shoppe. Watch this page here for pictures of

the boneyard and everything else mentioned here.

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